Saturday, January 10, 2009


Incredulous, My Offense

Sitting on the back porch, having my last half cigarette of the day, the rain reminded me of a manic cycle much like the one that I've been putting to rest. Without seconds, the water goes from constant clicking repetition to a harsh and pushing upset.

A funny thing happened to my narcissistic metaphor just then, as I pictured you standing in the storm. Icy rain pelted you and while I was cold and wet, the want to reach out and grab you was strong and fierce.

As I thought about you weathering the nastiest part in the dark of night, I thought about how you'd actually been there the whole day long. Realizing that brought slow and light tears to my cheeks.

You stood out there for me, as the tick tock rain drops persisted with a constant rhythmic, gentle tapping. I heard your voice in my mind, telling me the same things over and love me, we're okay, I make you happy, you want a life with me...repeat, repeat, repeat.

The grace in which you've held onto me so tightly has amazed me.

With so many things happening around us, weathering life with its sirens and surprise, you stood out there for me for love.

If I can ever give you shelter like you've given me, I will.


  1. Wow, this is really terrific. I wish a woman I care for would write something like this to me.

    Powerful, passionate...

  2. Thank you, Tim. What a nice compliment.