Monday, January 5, 2009

If you see Kay on the First Date

Things that don't suck today:

Lily was better than Dolly Back to work, thank gawd. 4 days off was just too many, made me all anxious and itchy. Well, maybe that was the cold, dry weather too.

Emma M My ex husband and his gf had their baby this morning. I'm happy for them and oh, so glad it's not me.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas No, I'm not late, but my son was. I got his gift the other day and he did so good picking me out something just for me. It's a pretty silver snowglobe with music. He was proud of himself for what he'd picked and I was too.

Life gives you lemons You find a cute boy mechanic to fix it for you. I'm crossing my fingers, not for the cute boy (been there, done him), but I really need new brakes.

Frankly, my dear... I'm not sure if being indifferent is good or bad, but it certainly feels better than being sad.

Oh, pretty Valentine... A girl can dream of a romantic Valentine's Day, right.... Batch of flowers: $50.00, Box of candy: $15.00, Hallmarky card: $3.00, Deciding that you deserve more than an internet love song: Priceless.

Dancing with myself On a dead girl's grave. I'm not reinventing myself, just changing names. I'm still the same bad writing, off my chair, crazy, in love with football and boys and coffee and wine, girl that you've always known.

Be good, lovelies.


  1. so, put in the "follow" gadget so we can keep track!!

    Glad to see you in these parts....

  2. There you go Dorrie, sweetheart.

    Follow me all the way to...

    Oops, I dropped my pencil again.

  3. *shares her broom with little sister, Claire*

  4. So, you gonna stay here or what?

    Just in case, imma follow you now.

  5. I can't see my visitors...I might be too anxious to stay where I can't see them.

    You all know me, crazy forever...

    A little help?

  6. Even though you live with me and I already know all this stuff, I still love to read the randomness.

  7. little sister??! wait... I thought you were my aunt... then you said you were actually my MOM... now i'm your sister too?! oh damn... whoever is the dad has a LOT of 'splainin' to do!

  8. C U Next Tuesday...thats a holiday!

  9. Seems like we're finally all settling somewhere else and getting back in touch.