Saturday, January 10, 2009

Go to my room!

Things that don't suck today:

5 Year Old Love Nicholas left me the best message ever. "Hi Mama, I love you, I'm going sledding and then to hockey and then dinner and then a drink and then bed. The cat is meowing, why is the cat meowing? I love you Mama."

Paws off the baby bot Yay, for chat babies and build-a-bot. Our chat room is coming along nicely and now you can ask the help desk anything.

Sibling Rivalry I've missed my brother and our football squabbles. Tonight has been fun with him. And we agree on one thing...

Left my heart in Nashville But I laughed my ass off when the Ravens beat the Titans.

Can you read?!?! I got an e-mail at work yesterday that I'll be laughing about for awhile. People should actually read it out loud when they create an e-mail address. Seriously, I don't care what your name is. jodoinbob@_____ . com is just too freaking funny.

Butter shot me! Love Buttershots and Baileys and have had way too much of it in the last two nights. Haha

Boys will be boys Age is just a number.

Poetry is for losers Ooooh, pick me, pick me.

Today is just a good day.

For a good time


  1. We do agree on the Titans sucking almost as bad as the Colts and the Cowboys!

  2. Down with the racist redneck bastard!


    Happy dance

  3. I'm glad it's such a good day for you.....

  4. Thank you yacky, I hope you're having a good one.

  5. Buttershots and Bailey's sounds really good about now.

  6. Dinner, drinks, and bed - no fair that a 5-year-old gets that and I don't.

  7. Perhaps you should send an email to Jo and ask him/her if he/she enjoys doin’ Bob, and how often.